United vs Spurs

On my fourth bottle of orijin at Polo club, Spurs score their first goal of the game. I’m in shock.

“You have shut them up all night,” I had mentioned.

With United dominating, I didn’t think spurs would have a chance at all; defending was brilliant, possession was enough to force the opposition to fail at several counter attacks. Occasionally, the players would make mistakes gifting spurs possession close to their goal. Silly, I know right? Jose’s plans had worked out perfectly in the first half but failed in the first few minutes of the second half.

What happened? A lapse in concentration, I believe. I was on my phone, like now, when the second goal came in and the third.

Lukaku, although on his left foot, should have scored that chance. It would have had a difference impact on the game.

I love Jose; he made Chelsea what they’re today. You might say Roman, I say Jose. I am forever grateful. With a conflict of interest, I want him to fail and succeed at the same time. I want and need him to step up his game and redefine his style of play. It’s the 3rd season bearing some similarities to his second coming at Chelsea. Some united fans are calling for his head but let’s see what happens till December. Let’s see.