Boot-Camp 12 — Day 3 Experience

This was my third day boot-camping remotely from home. It has been an awesome experience with great challenges which has really boosted my mindset development and learning new stuff in the software development career.

I have had various programming challenges to solve and with convenience of the productive online resources together with collaboration with my fellow boot-campers, I managed to accomplish the task and submit on time. Working in a team, remotely, has really been a motivating factor in my career development. The collaboration medias, slack and emails, have played a major role in seeking for feedback and providing help to colleagues.

The third day’s main challenge was the task on front-end development. I have to admit that my big mistake was taking the task as so simple just by a glance. I knew about HTML and CSS before and my personal notion about them as simple was just a big mistake. Knowing about something is completely different from implementing it practically. I had to take some time for decision making on the structure of my User-Interface to build and which tools were appropriate. Having gone through the bootstrap framework, I was convinced it was the best tool for me. At last I was able to accomplish my mission successfully with bootstrap and basic HTML/CSS combination.

It has been a thrilling three-day remote boot-camping and looking forward for the more days ahead. #TIA

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