The Remote Boot-camping with Great Experiences

It has been a week-long boot-camping remotely and it has been an awesome experience. Having been in a great team with a really productive facilitator, my remote boot-camping has been smooth and beneficial. The collaboration on various tasks assigned, enhanced the optimal submission of tasks on time. Without the collaboration from my fellow relentless group members and facilitator, the experience would not have been this awesome.

Throughout the week, I have encountered various challenges which have acted as an eye-opener on what I should work on and how. For instance, we had the daily deliverables on the tasks assigned with deadlines. I had to plan and organize myself on how to go about them and ensure efficient work to be delivered on stipulated time. The technique I used was to research on the topics to be covered by the day’s task, the night before. It really boosted my outcome.

The other thing which greatly and positively impacted on my skill-development was the feedback from my facilitator. After reviewing my submissions, he pointed out my strengths, with cool congratulatory messages, and my weaknesses. Regarding my weaknesses, he recommended me some techniques to employ and the resources to help me learn. After acting on the feedback, the end results were awesome and my skill-set expanded having learnt new concepts.

Having built a great relationship with fellow boot-campers, Andela fellows, Andela staff members and facilitators through interaction, the environment has been conducive for skill and career development. Everyone within Andela is friendly and willing to help out on any issue, an environment everyone is wishing for. The skills I have gain so within the short period I have engaged myself in the boot-camp is really amazing and motivating.

As we commence the final week, building personal projects, I am really looking forward to great experiences ahead. The journey to being a world class developer has just begun. #TIA