“I’ve Been Labeled a Russian Troll By Twitter. What Do I Do Next?”

After weeks of trying to understand why my account was completely shut down and why my IP Address has also been blocked; I was told by a friend who knows someone at Twitter that their investigation showed that Twitter had shut down my account because I was a Russian Bot.

Are you positive that Twitter has blocked your IP address in addition to your username? Have you tried creating a new Twitter account from a different web browser with a different email and different phone number? Based on the prolific activities I’ve witnessed by the operator of a botnet, despite getting multiple accounts of his suspended, he continued to operate hundreds of accounts and created new accounts without any IP blocking efforts by Twitter. I learned from that Twitter appears to limit suspensions only to usernames. It is likely you would not be prevented from creating a new account if you tried.

If you should happen to find that your IP really has been blocked by Twitter, you could try contacting your Internet provider and requesting that they assign a new IP address to you.

While I cannot imagine how frustrating the loss of your account has been, I know that Left Twitter misses you and that tons of people want to see you return… myself included.

— Antyal