The Debates Were A Yuge Disaster

Last night, Trump won bigly, and nobody but his supporters saw it coming. The polls released earlier today show that the debates gave an even larger boost than expected, but not to Clinton.

Mic drop.

Trump’s final words were simple and possibly a small dig at Obama’s White House correspondents’ dinner close. While Trump did not quite have Obama’s hip flare, the audience and moderators looked on slack-jawed at what they had just seen.

Meanwhile, across the country local news stations had captured a very different scene at various watch-parties in bars and restaurants. At every gathering, reactions were strong and emotion charged, quickly shifting to loud chatter as everyone discussed what had just happened.

Trump supporters erupted having worked themselves into a frenzied state. There were loud cheers, chanting, screams and applause.

Sanders supporters were varied and nuanced. Some were thrilled, some were concerned, and the rest were someplace in the middle. But every last one seemed awash with vindication.

Hillary supporters by contrast were much more somber. Many had sunken into their seats muttering or trying to explain things away, but a few seemed to have a change of heart wondering how they could have ever been duped in the first place.

Trump had not been elegant during the debate. As expected, he was loud and brash. Everything began as had been expected. Clinton had her usual air of confidence and contempt. The audience had clearly been seeded with a majority of Clinton supporters, many of whom were interns and paid seat fillers, while the moderators were all known Clinton surrogates.

Clinton without hesitation launched into long obtuse attacks on Trump pushing the narrative that he was unhinged, unprepared, and could not be trusted with launch codes. As she continued, out came the Red Scare McCarthyism and Trump’s “buddy” Putin. Then tied in China and pivoted to the middle-east.

This is what she had been preparing for. She came in well rehearsed and was ready to make a mockery of Trump. Now was her chance to seal the election and here she was. She had found her groove.

Trump stood there watching and listening. Clinton was demonizing and insulting him while he stood there and took it. Finally, after several prompts from the moderators for going over time, Clinton stopped and it was Trump’s turn.

Rather than address the question or respond to any of Clinton’s allegations, he launched into his own attacks beginning with the ongoing revelations from the House Oversight Committee and the recent verification that Paul Combetta as “stonetear” had destroyed evidence under direct orders from Clinton herself to “make it go away” after having been subpoenaed by the Benghazi Select Committee. The moderators tried to interject, as Trump hammered her with the repeated stalling and subsequent remarks by Jason Chaffetz that led to widespread speculation that Clinton would need to step down and should have her clearances stripped until the proceedings had reached a conclusion.

Clinton interrupted, correctly clarifying that Chaffetz had said no such thing. Trump moved on to the Comey subpoena and slamming the FBI for having missed the Reddit posts. The moderators again tried to cut off Trump and were interrupted by Clinton who chastised them for not keeping him on track.

Trump responded by telling her that he wasn’t one of her lapdogs in the media and that she couldn’t dodge the issues any longer in the debates the way she had avoided tough questions by not holding any press conferences.

As feared, the debates devolved into a circus of bickering and chaos. The moderators were not in control, and neither was Clinton. All her lengthy prepared remarks were proving no match for Trump’s quick verbal jabs. It was becoming apparent that Trump was energized and in his element, while Clinton was on the verge of loosing her composure.

Raising her voice to talk over Trump, Clinton went into a coughing fit.

Sick Hillary everybody! How can — will she be running the country from a hospital bed? Drink some water Hillary. Somebody get her an oxygen mask!

The moderators tried to intervene as aides stepped out, but Trump wasn’t having it.

She isn’t getting any breaks if — what happens if we get attacked?

Still coughing, Clinton motions her aides off the stage still unable to speak.

Trump stops and waits for the aides to exit the stage, looks out at the cameras, back at Clinton, and back in the direction of the aides. He asks them why they would leave a sick woman unattended and tells them to come help her.

The aides return to the stage and Clinton recovers. Trump turns the debate back to the moderators and they ask if she is okay and able to continue.

The debate resumes and Clinton fields the next question followed by Trump who appears to slip up. Clinton pounces, interrupting Trump who responds “There you go again.” a nod to the familiar words of Ronald Reagan.

Trump asks if this is the tone Clinton plans to address Putin with and Clinton finally blows her top.

She screams at Trump and derides Putin as a menace and how unstable Trump is.

I’m not the one throwing a temper tantrum on national television.

Suggesting that Hillary is the real danger with launch codes and pointing out that he has called for diplomatic relations with Russia.

Hillary throws her water glass at Trump, misses, looses her balance and falls to the ground.

Mic drop.

Trump smiles and struts off stage as aids rush in to drag Clinton away.

Without the benefit of Clinton’s usual insulation and legion of aides to craft her public image, the world finally had a glimpse of the behind-closed-doors version of Clinton only seen by insiders till last night. It would appear that stories of lamp throwing may indeed be true, but more disturbingly, it would appear that Trump managed to tug on her strings and remain composed while Clinton proved herself the unstable one.

There has been no comment yet on last night’s events from Clinton or her staff.


Four weeks later Clinton has made no public appearances and there is no word if there will be another debate. Her staff and devoted media loyalists continue to try spinning and distracting attention away from the events of the debate to no avail. Public confidence has reached new lows and polling has continued to benefit Trump. Third parties are also seeing an unprecedented boost, all to Clinton’s detriment.

The Democratic party has been in full panic mode and inside sources have confirmed that the party is assessing it’s options for a #HillExit.


A Bernie Supporter

— Antyal

You can find Antyal Tennyson on Twitter under the handle @AntyalT.