The new Dropbox for Android : Faster, Smarter and Better

The brand new Dropbox version has finally made its entry into the business market, said to be currently rolling out to Play Store users. On June 22, the company decided to introduce Google’s Material Design to Dropbox users with its v3.0 update. The interface looks much sorted while the navigation menu makes it seamless enough to take a stroll of the entire app. Compared to its previous versions, this refreshing change would give you an aura of a well structured/coordinated app.

Not with some major changes, but the design and interface is the most noticeable of them all. As this redesigned app lets find stuff faster and smoother, the PLUS button would help you customise your most important to not-so-important files and folders. With the new search icon, photo addicts/enthusiasts (just like me!) can easily look out for their favorite moments. The search function is tailor made for that kind of ‘power users’ quickly sifting through the app data. Further highlights of the update includes the ability to move or rename files/folders right from the info pane.

Did you Know : Following the footsteps of Dropbox, Another app Todoist got a friendly Android makeover.

Dropbox came up with a PDF Viewer and in-document search update. You can now save your PDF’s with a more richer preview whether or not they are started in Dropbox. You can easily preview all your PDF’s stored in your phones even when you are offline. With the in-doc search you can easily look for the info you need.

Enjoy the most seamless and amazing experience with Dropbox on the go. Have you gotten your latest update? How is the latest Dropbox for Android treating you? Shout out in the comment below!

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