Portrait Photography, The Best Way to Capture Beautiful Family Moments

As our lives have gotten busier, we often don’t have the time to stop and enjoy the moment that we’re living in. Photographs capture those beautiful moments, those lovely relationships, the expressions of joy, the mischief in our children or the twinkle in a loved one’s eyes. We all now love taking photographs … with the advent of smart phones everyone is an instant photographer. But then you walk into someone’s living room and see a photograph that jumps out at you, one which is capturing the essence of the subject as you know them. The photograph is “life like”. Now that’s because a professional photographer has put together the art and the science behind photography and with the use of appropriate equipment have created that wonderful life like photograph.

Portrait photography is an art, wherein the photographer aims to capture the personality behind the face. It’s important that the subject is relaxed, completely at ease and “in the moment”. Part of the photographer’s skill lies in creating the atmosphere which allows us to be ourselves, and then to be able to capture that fleeting expression, where you look at the photograph and can’t take your eyes of it… and you say wow!!

But then is that what defines a good portrait photographer? Yes, but there’s more. There’s then the art and science behind the lighting, which creates the mood and ensures that the images captured are flawless and the viewer’s eye is not distracted by unwanted shadows, reflections or general imperfections in the lighting. Instead the viewer is enthralled by the combination of the expression, posture and the mood that has been highlighted by the lighting.

Anubhav, is a passionate young photographer who embodies both the above elements of Portrait Photography. He is generous with his time and the warm ambience of his studio helps the subject relax and enjoy the shoot. His credo is to make professional photography accessible to all, so that everyone can afford to capture the special moments in their lives. With this in mind Anubhav offers a choice of packages — but no matter which one you choose, he’s so confident of his skill that he offers a 100% refund option in case you’re not satisfied with the images.

Anubhav Portraiture offer both indoor and outdoor shooting facilities and can also take pictures at the location of your choice. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, family reunion or a corporate function or you’d like to organize a studio portrait shoot for yourself or your family, you know that you’re in very capable hands. To know more about Anubhav’s services please visit www.anubhavportraiture.com.au