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Apr 25, 2018 · 2 min read

We previously reported that the private sale ends at 11:59 am UTC on April 28th But Now It is a difficult time. MYETHERWALLET (MEW) USERS LOSE FUNDS TO DNS HACK Google is Banning All Cryptocurrency, ICO Advertisements Some governments’s firewall to Block Crypto Websites and block ICO…. So We are going to focus on the technical and will release a big update soon + A new website + An application for anti-malware and more + Testnet …… Please believe in us. We promise to finish what we started

We need to delay the opening of the public pre-sale. and finish the private sale sooner The new ICO schedule is as follows: the private sale ends at 4:00 pm UTC on April 26th And We will announce The public pre-sale schedule soon.

We sincerely apologize to members who supported the project in the past.

And We have just updated bonus campaign. The bonus for private sale will raise from 25% to 50% It means If you are a VIP member who has registered before 1 ETH = 2,000 ANB tokens + private sale bonus (50%) + VIP bonus 20% = 3,400 ANB tokens

For the other people 1 ETH = 2,000 ANB tokens + private sale bonus (50%) = 3,000 ANB tokens

Send your ETH to our wallet and receive the tokens: (In case, your government blocked our website) Our wallet : 0x7E1fB3014032456CF3ED55cCa04DE8Bf0A6E90B2 Remember : DON’T USE MEW NOW!

ANUBIS — Protector of tombs ANUBIS CLOUD — Protector of your data

Regards, CEO & FOUNDER Xiaomu Yu


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