Creating First Theme

I’ve been working on this Victorian theme for WordPress for about almost a year. It has been one of the most difficult tasks I set myself to do. I feel like I’ve learned WordPress in and out.

The whole time I thought I knew it well, but now I’m on the level of actually creating the plugin or theme is awesome.

This project will solidify me in a major way.

I am familiar with hooks, filters and creating my own functions. The proper way to include (enqueue) scripts and stylesheets.

I think the best part in creating my own theme is using options framework plugin. This has given me major control during custom development.

I start off with the free Blank Slate theme and end with CSS changes and fixes.

My rule has always been functionality first.

The difference on this one and the next will definitely be creating mockups first. This would have been completed sooner.

Wish me luck! I will be submitting my work hopefully next month.