Some Online Stock Market Myths Busted

Anuj Bhardwaj
Aug 20, 2015 · 3 min read

The modern technology has facilitated us to use our online brokerage anywhere we have internet access. Online stock market has made buying and selling of stocks and commodities easier than ever. The online trading is less time consuming and has reduced a lot of manual labour. Everything has come to an electronic platform now. It is less costly as well because it allows a lot of discount brokers, providing better services at lower prices. Though people are still very skeptical about online trading, as there is a lot of myths regarding it, intimidating investors for many years.

We have found some of the most popular myths and compiled them, it is high time now, let’s bust them:

You Can’t Beat the Market - Investors mostly believe that it is not possible to earn more online than the stock market in general. But, there are many traders who have consistently outperform the online stock market. A large number of online traders do beat the market while trading online.

• Only Rich Traders can do it Online - Many people desire to invest their money in stocks, but hesitate considering to be Richie-rich’s affair. Well, this myth is totally debunked. Online trading platforms allow to trade with little money. You can even choose their monthly or yearly plan to trade in all segments.

• Online Stock Trading Requires Proper Education - Well; you have brokers at your help. In fact, it becomes a lot more simplified. You can do something as easy as enter trade directly into broker’s system, and their computers will buy and sell for you.

• You can Buy and Sell the Stocks Throughout the Day - It is certainly true that an online investment account can be accessed at any time of the hour. But, trades do not execute at any point of time. Trades do not execute when markets are closed, they are only executed when market gets open again.

• Online Stock Trading is Like a Gambling -Most of the people shy away from online trading, reasoning it to be a gamble. Buying a stock means that you contribute your ownership in a company to an extent. If you are investing in the market, it means that you are constantly trying to assess the profit that will be left over for shareholders. Investing relates to the overall wealth of an economy. In that case, a company cannot avoid its development for a long time and fool its investors. Hence online stock trading is not a gambling.

These were some of the myths related to online stock market. But above all, it is very important to choose a reliable trading platform as an investor. My value trade is the pioneers of the broking industry and provides the most simplified platform to its investors. Along with simplified trading, investors can enjoy unlimited and powerful trading too. MVT is known to provide trading facilities across broad spectrum of segment, including- equity, derivatives, currency, and commodity. Hence, MVT is a great platform for online commodity trading as well!

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