Keep it Simple

Minamalism. The term means simplicity. It can be linked to art, music or lifestyle. Minimalism is an important part of life. One should lead a simple lifestyle. That is not true in itself. It means that one should live a less complex lifestyle. You should not be too confused with your life. Clear out your waste. Minimalism in life is very important. When life is less complicated, living it becomes a lot easier. Have meaning in life. Have a goal and aim for it. If you don’t have a aim in your life you will wander in the present and which may bring complexity. Although it doesn’t mean to ignore the present. Enjoy the present because with a new day comes a new game.

Minimalism in art is very important too and should be considered by everyone. What is minimalism in art? It can be a logo, a picture or even a sentence depicted in the simplest possible way. The trick is to keep it simple. You may know this before, but ask yourself truly, are you really using it. Art is not just about painting, its anything you see. Everything around us is art. The post outside your house to the stars over your head. Eveything can be represented and considered as art. Well you might know about art more than me. If you want the attention of people you will have to make it easy for them to understand. Steve Jobs has inspired me to minimalism or simplicity. He had said “What not to do is as important as what to do”. The perfect example for this is the Apple Tv and Sony’s Google Tv remotes. The Google Tv remote has more than a lot of buttons, whereas the Apple Tv remote only has three. This is the result of over-engineering on Google’s part where Apple has kept it “simple”. So don’t make things too complicated. The simple you keep the more easier it becomes.

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“Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication” – Steve Jobs

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