Listen. Ignore. Speak.

Listen. Ignore. Speak. These three words carry a lot of meaning when put together. So what do these words stand for. Let us find out.

Listen. Listen to people. What do they have say about you and your work. Never ignore before listening because that is not smart. If you don’t listen to the people then you will never know what is wrong. Constructive criticism about your work is as important as your work. If your work involves facing the public then you have be prepared for criticism and let me tell you, not all of them are going to be good. If you get a bad word about your work then don’t get disheartened by it, be brave and face it and try to absorb it. Next time when you show your work then at least you will know that there are a few less bad words against it. But making criticisms doesn’t mean that you always have to listen to them. The customer is not always correct because in the end of the day it is your work and you own it. Criticism about you and your work might not always be constructive and thus the second part comes to play.

Ignore. When people talk about you or your work which is in no way constructive, then ignore. Don’t get upset. It is the society. A society never lets a person grow. If you try to do something new or different you will be criticized for it. If you cannot take such criticism by then I suggest you should stop trying. If you don’t ignore the society, you will get deviated from your path and you will regret it your whole life. If you want respect, ignore everybody. If you let other people tell you how to lead your life then in the end nobody gains. Let me tell you, after you ignore everybody and do what your heart tells, you will want to live your life in the present and not think of how your life will be good in the future. So what will you do after you ignore, well read on. “Don’t let the noise of others, make your own noise go unheard” — Anonymous

Speak. If you keep ignoring people and not get your thoughts out then there is really no use of ignoring. If you have ignored what society has to said about you, then I believe it is for a reason. You will have to express your reason for believing what you believe in, which will make the society realize that you were right throughout and then my friends, you will earn their respect. So speak your heart out. Communicate with the people anyway you can and show that you have a reason to believe in what you believe. Steve Jobs, Issac Newton and Gandhi did it. Many others like them have also listened, ignored and have spoken and made people understand what they believed in. So believe in yourself. Thank you for reading it through. If you feel even a little bit inspired then do follow my blog and write me a feedback.

“Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you” – Evan Carmichael

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