Every day I look at ‘Pasteurised Milk’ written on the packet. I knew its meaning since childhood. Daddy had told us different types of milk once- homogenised, pasteurised, skimmed etc. With my newly developed interest in etymology, I’ve learnt that ‘pasteurised’ word comes from Louis Pasteur (remember rabies??) !

A man came to visit the famous microbiologist, Louis Pasteur (1822–1895). The man entered Pasteur’s laboratory and found him totally absorbed, looking in his microscope. Not wanting to disturb him, the man quietly waited for a long time. Finally, Pasteur looked up and realized the man was standing there. “Oh, were you waiting a long time?” he asked.

“Well, yes,” the man said, “but I didn’t want to disturb you because it almost looked as if you were praying.”

“This is my prayer,” Pasteur replied. “If I have any problems, I look in my microscope and they all disappear!”

Wasn’t he was a yogi without knowing it?