Day 2: Andela Bootcamp, My Experience.

Each new day is a blank page in the memoir of one’s life. The secret of success is in the best story you possibly can in that page. I woke up refreshed with joy that came with yesterday’s accomplishments, especially my new level of work ethics, my life has changed enormously (within few days, imagine!), I see things different and I do things differently, from what I am used to. Knowledge is power, and all of life expectation is hanging on power and diligence.

However, the arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop asking questions. If you do, I cannot agree less than pride has not set in.

Just when I felt that I had been fired up, to handle some tasks and to solve problems in the previous days, with the new skills I got, each day in bootcamp always disrupts my reasoning, there are many concepts to learn. Think about the technical tests for home sessions, I have come to conclude that “Andela is not easy”, well nothing good is easy. A gold is refined many times than silver, world class tech leaders usually put in strong work ethics in refining their skills, acquiring new knowledge, as tech and the ecosystem grow, so there is high demand to learn fast. So as aspiring global tech leader, I really love the idea of the bootcamp, you learn from everyone and make it your own.

One need to get a hang on new ways of solving problems like using frameworks, keeping up with new language edition like ES6, there is no room for redundancy. This is my experience in the bootcamp so far.

I have been stretched beyond my wildest imagination, no pain no gain, I am not the same guy who started the bootcamp, the experience is great.

There is no room for complacency, if a whole lot has changed in just few days, I don’t want to imagine how getting into Andela would be, because I believe the bootcamp is a shadow of things to come.

I hope my talent will afford me this great opportunity, my persistent interest in Andela, got me applied the second time, so everything is making great sense, “without obsession life is nothing” and my determination for Andela is what that matters.

As I look forward to the second week where I will be applying everything bit of knowledge I am gaining in this week, I have been learning with a mindset to apply and solve real life problems. The knowledge, output, belief of every learning outcome, are to shape my behaviour in becoming a world class tech leader.

I am not expecting anything less of a world class software developer, with my passion, curiosity and determination. I hope Andela would be the vehicle to take me there sooner than I think!