Anushil Kumar of Constellation Brands Investigates Cloud Technology and How it is Changing the Way Businesses Operate

Anushil Kumar
Oct 1 · 3 min read
Anushil Kumar of Constellation Brands Investigates Cloud Technology and How it is Changing the Way Businesses Operate

Cloud computing has rapidly made a gigantic impact on the business world, changing how companies store and share information, how employees collaborate and where they work from, and what happens when a company’s server gets overloaded.

And it’s far from just tech giants that are making use of the cloud to streamline and enhance their operations; 95% of smaller businesses are either using cloud technology already, have plans to do so in the future, or are currently evaluating the possible benefits.

The potential benefits they could gain are many according to Anushil Kumar, the Vice President of Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Digital Innovation at $38 billion beer and wine producer Constellation Brands. He has helped launch various cloud-based initiatives at Constellation Brands that have expanded the company’s data pipelines and asset management capabilities, among other things.

Anushil Kumar examines a few of the main ways cloud computing is revolutionizing the business world.

Easy Operational Scalability

Companies are no longer bound by their server capacity. Instead, they can easily adjust their usage rates up (ideally) or down as necessary, with only a slight change in the fee charged by their cloud provider(s). This greatly limits costs and improves efficiency.

Anushil Kumar also notes that with scaling cloud infrastructure and fail over systems, websites don’t need to worry about down times caused by overloaded servers, a problem that routinely plagues companies with unpredictable server loads. Instead, the affected traffic is rerouted to a redundant instance of the cloud service.

Flexible Employee Structure

The number of remote workers surged from 9% in 1995 to 35% by 2015 and that figure could top 70% by 2020 according to estimates. While the internet itself facilitated some of this growth, it’s rapidly picked up steam this decade thanks to the cloud.

Through cloud-based work spaces, employees can securely gain access to and update important files in real-time as well as communicate and collaborate with other team members. Productivity tools also exist to monitor employees’ remote activity, though Anushil Kumar explains that data shows that they aren’t necessary, as remote workers tend to be more productive than their in-house colleagues anyway. They’re also cheaper.

Secure Data Storage

By hosting their data on the cloud, companies can protect against system breaches and reduce costs related to local storage and backup. With hybrid systems, this migration to the cloud can occur in real-time, greatly limiting the risk and associated costs of lost data.

With many small companies unable to build robust IT teams capable of adequately protecting their systems from external threats, utilizing the cloud as a fail safe for backup and recovery allows companies to allocate more resources to enhancing their operations rather than defending them.

Multi-Cloud Innovation

Many companies aren’t using just one cloud provider, but many. Enterprises are using and/or testing nearly 5 different cloud providers at any one time according to RightScale’s 2018 State of the Cloud report.

Anushil Kumar says that by using multiple cloud providers, both public and private, companies can run different workloads through the service that best fits its needs. Without being restricted by the limitations of a single host, companies are also able to more rapidly innovate to become more efficient and provide better service. The downside of a multi-cloud approach is that security risks and complexity both increase.

Anushil Kumar

Anushil is currently working for Constellation Brands, headquartered in San Francisco, CA. He is the VP of strategy, enterprise architecture and innovation.

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