Know Your Consumer: Anushil Kumar’s Top 5 Marketing Solutions to Gain Customers

Anushil Kumar
Oct 4 · 4 min read
Know Your Consumer: Anushil Kumar’s Top 5 Marketing Solutions to Gain Customers

You might have a solid understanding about the products and services you’re selling. But how much do you know about the people buying them?

When it comes to gaining customers, sometimes you have to see inside their head to determine what they want. Without using magic, there are ways to better connect with them to learn what that is.

Here are 5 tips from marketing guru Anushil Kumar to follow to increase your customer base:

1. Use The Power of Social Media

You may pass off social media as only a way people share photos and gossip, but it’s a huge marketing tool when you consider that nearly 2.5 billion people are active on social networks.

Due to fact that the nature of social media is to connect with others, you have a unique opportunity to convince someone why they should believe in your brand. Anushil Kumar states that reading comments on your posts can help you improve upon whatever it is that existing customers like. He adds that the opposite is also true, read the comments and learn what consumers don’t want or like and make adjustments to reflect these needs. Social media is a powerful tool and failing to capitalize on this opportunity is a grave mistake.

2. Send Out Surveys

One proven way to get honest feedback and find out more about what customers are looking for is by sending out a survey. Positive feedback is always good, sure, but Anushil Kumar notes that the negative feedback might be more valuable at learning more about what customers want and how to keep them.

Instead of targeting customers with an email containing the survey link, you can also host the survey on your company website and let customers have to option of completing it when they land on your page. Consider giving participants an incentive to complete the survey, such as a discount on a product. After all, they’re offering potentially valuable insight.

3. Use Analytics

With powerful tools like Google Analytics, you can determine some more detailed information about your customers without them saying a word to you. For example, Anushil Kumar states while using the tool you can find out which pages site visitors spend a lot of time on, and which ones they don’t — that will tell you what resonates with them more.

You can also use the same tool’s acquisition reports to tell you where your customers are coming to your site, so you can better target them.

4. Host an Event

Why not break free from the screen altogether, and find new customers the old-fashioned way? You could host a product launch or informational workshop from your physical location, or host a webinar if you’re an online-based merchant.

It can’t just be a one-sided exchange, though — you have to give the attendees a chance to ask you questions about what you’re offering.

The events also don’t have to be business-focused. You can host a community barbecue or a fundraiser, and locals will be able to see what you offer and keep you in mind when they’re making their next purchases.

5. Create Customer Personas

These personas of your ideal customers should go beyond knowing just their target age and demographics, using information from customer feedback and other data you’ve collected.

Not only do the profiles take into account why a particular customer wants to use your products, but it also identifies what may be holding them back from buying from you.

Once you’ve discovered the customer’s motives, you can reach them with content that speaks to them more accurately. Anushil Kumar suggests adjusting the copy on your website and other communications to answer some of the questions your ideal customers might have.

Accurate customer insight can help you connect with customers on a more emotional level — they might feel like you’re speaking directly to them. This is an exercise that needs to be done fairly regularly, as your target audience may change without you even realizing it.

Reach Customers On a Deeper Level

Your customers (and potential customers) will reveal a lot of the information you need to better connect with them through feedback and online activity, without you having to dig for it.

Anushil Kumar knows that by spending some time to know your customers better, you can more effectively generate leads without wasting your time — or theirs.

Anushil Kumar

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Anushil is currently working for Constellation Brands, headquartered in San Francisco, CA. He is the VP of strategy, enterprise architecture and innovation.

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