If you haven’t watched the YouTube clip of Jim Jefferies (an Australian comedian), you really need…
David Ryan Taylor

I’m also retired military with two tours in Afghanistan, was competitive in 3-Gun, IPSC & IDPA with multiple regional and state championships in some of the most competitive regions in the country, I have competed in multiple Best of the West tactical team competitions and I carry a gun.

There are a myriad of issues with the premise in Jim Jeffries stand-up, let’s call it what it is, a comic routine intended to be funny.

I am a responsible gun owner. Have a LARGE collection that is stored securely. I also carry on a regular basis and have handguns in quick access safes in multiple locations in my home. They are READILY available. I also have a home alarm and video surveillance system that has twice caught burglaries in my neighborhood.

I live in an affluent neighborhood that has seen an ongoing rise in daylight burglaries and home invasions. The AVERAGE police response time in my neighborhood is 5 minutes. That’s REALLY good for most departments and still too long for me or my family to be victimized by a burglary gone bad.

A firearm for defense is a single component in your security posture. Ignoring it is just as bad as ignoring any other component.

I would posit your opinion is based on YOUR circumstances and the area YOU live in. Mine is based on MY circumstances and the area I live in. Don’t apply your myopic perspective to MY life.

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