I feel bad for you Talia, but I have to say, it is irresponsible of Yelp to hire people at these…

She’s lying. She pulled her Instagram account because it showed she was NOT starving. It was captured here before she pulled it: http://alotofrice.pixieset.com/thatsalotofrice

She could live in any number of cities that are MUCH cheaper like Oakland, San Leandro, Fremont, South San Francisco, Hayward, Castro Valley, Daly City, Foster City, Millbrae are ALL within a 30 to 60 minute train ride from San Francisco and are $1000’s a month cheaper places to live than SF. I know this because I live in the Bay Area and take the train to my job in San Francisco.

For those who couldn’t be troubled to exercise some critical thinking or a simple google search, minimum wage in San Francisco is $13.34/hr. That’s $26,680/year in a full time position. She also gets fully paid insurance and FREE food while at work which at three $5 meals a day and the $150/month most people contribute to their companies health plan when they’re single with no children. Those costs add up to about another $6000/year in AFTER TAX income for a total of $32,680/year for her FIRST job out of college.

I’ll summarize for you:

She’s a 25 year old recent English Literature grad who got hired on the day of her interview for her FIRST job out of college in AUGUST 2015, that’s 7 months ago for those of you who can’t do math. She had ONLY 5 months of “crappy” customer service work left before she could change departments and achieve her goal of getting paid to “make memes and twitter jokes about food.”

I’m not going to get into the argument over the morality of a living wage but I’m certainly not going to show any sympathy for someone who feels so entitled to get paid enough to live in one of, if not THE most expensive cities in America when there are so many other less expensive options available so she can get paid to “make memes and twitter jokes about food.” with her English Lit degree.

I’m sorry, I know too many people with legitimate problems that help me put her pettiness in perspective.

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