Know Your Limit, Not Make Your Limit

Hi, fellas! This is my first time posting in Medium. Well, it’s also the first time I post something in a while. I hope in this first post, I can bring something to you. Something that will inspire not only me, but to you as well.

“man standing at middle of hanging bridge” by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

This story is inspired by a question of my friend. One day, they [neutral gender] told me that they want to be good at a certain field and asked me: “I want to be good at this field, so what is the best materials/knowledge I can use as reference?”

At first, I wanted to tell them that they can study about this particular knowledge. But, before I answered their question, questions popped up in my head instead: “What if things like this occur? What if the other thing occurs instead? Is there any other possible things that may occur?” Those kind of questions just kept popping up. And then a big question popped up in my head: “If I were them, why would I limit what I want to study?” Then I pondered myself for a long time. There are problems in our life that need solving. Every day, everywhere. Problems tend to emerge itself. Many of them, if not all, require not only an expertise in one field, but also in one or more other fields.

Then I answered my friend’s question that they need to study many things not only in their field, but also in other fields as well. But instead, my friend told me that they want to focus on a single particular knowledge. Now, I didn’t know about them, and I still don’t. Probably, it is their limit to study one thing before starting the other. That is one possibility that may occur. But, then I’m afraid of the other possibility that may occur in my life, a possibility where I tend to limit myself. I’m afraid that I don’t know my limit. I’m afraid that the only limit I know is fake. I’m afraid I have been convincing fake limit to myself.

Now, let’s set aside what I’m afraid about and think about it. Have we convinced ourselves that this is my limit, I can only reach here, I’ll break if I go further? Let’s ponder this guys. Seriously, every day I have been thinking about it. And you know what? Realizing the answer and making the effort to “break those fake limits” changes everything.

I hope you guys get what I want to convey. See you \o/.