Media Trial Dr. Zakir Naik

It is not only appreciated, as well as more enlighten our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to present the Holy Scripture Bhagavad Gita to the US President Barak Hussain Obama and others counterparts while he visited to foreign countries.

From common man to intellectuals, every person agrees that, sharing and acquiring the knowledge is the prime job of a person. Where ever is applicable it is a sign of development, because we are all the children of the one couple ADAM & HAWA (PBUH) live like a family.

Therefore, our Media and the Government also encourage and help to the person and the elements, those who are sharing and acquiring the knowledge to do good more and become beneficial for others.

The ultimate good available, only and only in Spiritual Holy Books which revealed by Almighty GOD (meaning in Arabic Allah) addressing to the mankind through the selected messengers and prophets (Avatars in Sanskrit) PBUH from the day one, to the entire humanity, time to time, place to place, in our own mother tongue/languages among the people, regardless of colour, race and the region, rest are the man-made philosophy, experimental process, may be good or may be bad, just focusing their own self-interest benefits in their Personal, Social and Political life.

How many among us, those who have memories and expertise in the Holy Books. To sharing the principles and purpose of the Holy books in the public life. Some Languages of the Holy books are dying out and no more alive in public communication. The last and final Holy Book and the Prophet (PBUH) and its language should be existing valued and valid for all the mankind till the end of this world. Therefore, The last and final Holy Book is Quran, revealed Fourteen Hundred Years ago in Arabic language, since that time, the Arabic language and the text of the QURAN remained unchanged as of Today and it will continue at the end of this world. Millions of human hearts memorizing word to word of the Holy Quran across the countries and the language of the Holy Quran well-spoken and writing in many countries and more and more increasing day by day.

The common base line and the center point of all the Holy Books “no God but only one”. (God has No father, No mother, No Son, No Children, No family members, God himself alone without any partner) Because if more than One God, our life will become mess and full of confusion, barriers and hurdles in prior to follow, ​while ​practicing and worshiping. One God say something and other will be against of it.

The highlights of all the Holy Books are as follows:

ü We are all the children of one couple, Adam & Hawa (PBUH) equally same without any discrimination, race, colour and region. The best among us who do the good and beneficial for others.

ü God created us, to take our examination, worshiping none but God and not to follow the footstep of Shaitan/Devil.

ü Be dutiful, be Kindness and be Honour to the Parents. Stay good with the neighbours in the society and while travelling. Help each other to do the good and vice versa.

ü Prohibited the arrogance, lie, backbiting, false blame, false promises, false statements, bribery, cheating and killing each others,

ü Prohibited the usurious, corruption, illegal running or owning the business.

ü Prohibited Health killing Habits, Gambling, wine, adultery and which leads to adultery.

ü Encourage the excess amount to share with the needy persons.

ü Every living thing has to taste the death and to be presented on the day of judgement, to be awarded forever life in the Heaven or in the Hell against the Good deeds or Bad deeds.

The above commandments presented by Dr. Zakir Naik through his public lectures and his Peace TV channel across the countries. He has wonderful abilities to present the Holy books in his public lectures by mentioning the chapter and page numbers as references for the well understanding to the public.

For the sake of argument to understand the issue: exchange the position of Dr. Zakir Naik in place of the Government and the Government position exchange in place of Dr. Zakir Naik.

The Good Character and the Human Life equally important at this planet. The Human Life without the good character and the good character without the Human Life are not meaningful. The point of success and failure, appreciation and critics addressing to the person and his/her position. Human faces can be changed and die, new one replace them and life cycle on and on.

A person himself good is not enough because he lives in the society, the good should be the authority of the society. Almighty God has revealed the good, now it is our duty to propagate and establish the good and eliminate the Shaitan/Devil from our society.

With all my weakness, I would like to share my above feelings in loving each other and give the strength to the Garden as a flower and maintain the Garden for all the flowers to be flourishing with their beauty and the prosperous life.

Almighty God knows the best and makes our life simple, easy and successful here and hereafter​. Ameen.

Thanks and best regards

Anwar Masih Uddin
Project Co-ordinator