What Are the Benefits of a White Glove Furniture Assembly Service?

The little things in life often make the biggest difference. As furniture assemblers, we know this all too well. We’ve heard horror stories of office employees assembling new furniture, only to find things come tumbling down mere seconds later.

Properly constructing and assembling an office is almost an art form. There are a lot of screws that can be placed in the wrong place and a lot of safety issues that can crop up. Think about the frustration you found putting together your first child’s crib, and multiply that by tens or hundreds. The job can get rough, even for the experts.

Here are a few of the benefits of hiring a white glove furniture assembly service:

  1. Get Things Done Right — Working with a licensed and insured office furniture assembly service ensures no mistakes will be made. An expert staff takes pride in offering precise installation and efficient craftsmanship. They will put your office together perfectly the first time. No screws out of place and no shakes, rattles or rolls.
  2. No Problems — They will work with you to make sure the process is smooth and efficient. They should have the ability to work nights and weekends to avoid problems with your workflow. By working around your schedule, they are still able to keep your furniture assembly on schedule
  3. No Clean Up — White glove furniture assembly services mean no clean up for you. The staff will take extra care to ensure nothing in your office gets damaged during installation and assembly. Once everything is finished, they clean up all trash and debris. The goal is to leave your place of business cleaner than they found it.
  4. No Annoyed Customers or Employees — By working around your schedule and keeping things clean, you’ll find happy employees and customers. Expert furniture assemblers stay out of the way to make sure your business continues without interruption.

The Best White Glove Furniture Assembly Services on the East Coast

If you’re looking for the best furniture assembler on the east coast, look no further. Any Assembly’s white glove office furniture assembly services can handle any project you throw our way. Some common office assembly and installation services include:

  • Office Furniture
  • Cubicles
  • Modular Furniture
  • Case Goods
  • Commercial Storage Cabinets & Shelving
  • Library Furniture
  • Lockers
  • Trophy & Display Cases
  • Mailroom Furniture & Equipment
  • You Name It!

Here at Any Assembly, we take pride in our white glove services. If it sounds like we can be of service, get in touch today. Our expert staff will help install and assemble any office furniture in Maryland, northern Virginia, southern Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.

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