Let’s participate in the recording project of Brazil Olympics!

Olympic Game is a remarkable event held every four years! The whole world is watching! The world is boiling! The whole world is participating! Well, how about you? 2016 Olympic Games is far away from you? Of course not! You can say that time is still far, which will be held next year, but you can prepare for it, prepare it now; You can say that Rio de Janeiro is quite far away, and your concern is not enough, please take great concern with it; You can say that I am far away from it and not a professional athlete, but love is not far, which is in your heart. AnyTranscription invites those who love the Olympics, play for love, show your unique charming voice, so as to narrow the distance between you and the Olympic Games, and cheer for Olympic Games! The Olympic Games will be more exciting for your vocals, and you are the real heroes of the Olympic Games!

AnyTranscription “Play for Love” Project Introduction:

1. Participation Objective:

The participation in Brazil Olympic Record projects will not only earn some money, but also can make some contribution to the Olympic Games.

2. Participation requirements:

  • 1000 local English people in England, New Zealand, Ireland, Hong Kong (currently only available in these four places, more new areas will be added later) will be recruited. They shall use their own recording equipment. They shall select eight different Olympics-related topics, and answer with English, then recording, but each sentence shall contain more than 10 words, and each person shall speak at least 12 sentences.

3. To participate in the process:

  • 1) Click “Sign Up Now” button of this page, fill out and submit your information. 2) Our staff will contact you per email, please make sure that your email filled in correctly. 3) Please read recording documentation in the email carefully. If there is anything you do not understand, please contact with our staff: partner@anytranscription.com 4) As required to complete the work and submit, wait for audit results. 5) If the recording file is approved, you will get the corresponding remuneration in the appointed time.

4. Notes:

A. Recording dialog text can be prepared in advance, but shall not read. The dialogue shall focus on the topic, and the participant can play freely, but shall smoothly and naturally answer questions from the prospective of Olympic visitors. B. Recording phone equipment can only be one of the following models: iPhone4 / 4s, 5 / 5s or sumsang note 3 / 4, sumsang s4 / s5 C. The recording environment shall keep quiet. D. The deadline for submitting recording is August, 31, 2015. E. After submitting recording, you will receive considerable remuneration payment once adopted.

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