Medical Transcription — Professional Service

Medical transcription refers to the application of transcription services in medical field. Although it is similar transcription service, medical transcription is different from many same type of transcription work for its much higher requirements of the transcriptionist’s specialty.

In a broad sense, medical transcription shall process oral recordings of doctors and other health care professionals using the text processing software and convert medical record files into forms of written (paper or electronic). Transcription service pattern is varied, from very small scale homework to large high-tech enterprises which need to hire transcriptionist, providing services to domestic and overseas customer medical institutions. Medical transcription is an accurate and rapid process of transcribing oral medical reports and other information, including transcription of historical record, physical examination report, clinical diagnosis, office notes, operative reports, consultation records, discharge summary, operation reports, spirit assessment, experimental reports, X light reports and pathological reports.

Medical transcription is one of the fastest developing areas in health care industry. In the United States, the health care industry is based on insurance and detailed medical records. Medical workers have been able to get edited text format in a short time through the telephone dictation of patient record, so a large amount of medical transcription is required.

Medical transcriptionists (MTs)

Medical transcriptionists (MTs) are specialists in medical language and healthcare documentation. They interpret and transcribe dictation by physicians and other healthcare professionals regarding patient assessment, workup, therapeutic procedures, clinical course, diagnosis, prognosis, etc.

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