ROANOKE, Va Shooting

Police have confirmed that a man and women were shot at 1:15 PM on Chapman Avenue while sitting on they’re front porch . Suspect is Jermaine Peavy age of 21 is charged with three counts of felonies. victims have been identified as 21-year-old Ramel Abrams and 21-year-old Shekhera Saunderson.

Landlord VS. Trump

Matt Wyatt Claims his landlord threatened to kick him out of his apartment if he did not take down his trump sign. Matt Wyatt moved the sign from his apartment to car, when the landlord then stated she will be changing the lease to make sure no signs for trump will offend any clients in the following years. WDBJ7 tried to hear from the owner herself, when they were told she was out of town and they’re would be no way to get a hold of her.

Deer Accidents in VA

With deer season around the corner Virginia’s car collisions with deer will go up. It is know that deer are not only in the country but also the cities of Virginia. Seat Farm says VA driver have 1 in 94% chance of hitting a deer, this is the thirteenth highest in the country.

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