Future Profession: Public Speaking


Ummo is a new app that is designed to help people improve their public speaking skills. The ummo app will keep track of your pauses, word count, and reuse of sorting words or sounds. This will remind the speaker of habits they may not know they have. If speakers would like to improve or know when he or she says somethings, you can tell the app to beep if you say it again. It is said the app may have trouble interpreting accents, this is an American app. This app cost $2 and is available on IOS.

6 Tips from Bernie Swain

Washington Speakers Bureau founded by Bernie Swain in 1980 is one of the highest value speaking agency in the world. With a net worth of a 150 million. Washington Speakers Bureau has included many US. Presidents, and world known speakers. Bernie Swain sat down and gave his 6 top speaking tips.

1. You must have passion or you will not overcome the struggles. 2. The reason Entrepreneurship fails is not because of lack of talent but lack of passion. 3. Networking is not simply about people knowing who you are but having a relationship as well. 4. No matter who you deal with be honest. 5. Part of being a good leader is allowing people to make their own decisions. 6 They key to being a good public speaker is knowing the subject.

Speak what you know

Everyone has a right to speak their mind, this also means everyone has a right to challenge what you say. Things that are false are the only things that can be challenged and proven wrong. We live in a world where people say what anything and anywhere but most of the time people go without being challenged. People who do not know the facts of what they are saying are the ones who fear being challenged the ones who feel the need to have other be politically correct.

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