HW October 4


Plant Accident

Lead Style: Summary Style

Who: Duane Lachance

When: Thursday 3 pm

Where: Petal Munnicipal Power Plant, 222 Power Drive

What? Third-degree burns

Why: Accident

How: Installing new pipe line when wrench touched power line

Gross Engineers a company based in Petal miss had an employee suffer from third –degree-burns Thursday at 3 pm, installing a pipeline when his wrench touched a power line carrying 15,000 volts on 222 Power Drive.

McCartney Illness

Lead Style:

Who: Peter McCartney

When: Thursday night

Where: Riverside Hospital

What: Throat Surgery

Why: Voice had been reduced to whisper due to performance

How: Voice strain

Rock Star Peter McCartney checked into riverside Hospital on Thursday night for throat surgery the following morning due to voice strain following a performance in front of 1,ooo fans the night before.

BOE Meeting

Lead Style: Summary Style

Who: Hattiesburg Board of Education

When: Thursday Morning

Where: Doesn’t say

What: Board meeting

Why: New rules

How: No answer

Hattiesburg Board of Education met Thursday morning to accept a report, pass new dress codes, discuss the consistent drop in enrollment; and accept a bid from Farmers Dairy to provide milk at half a cent per pint.


Faculty in Plane Crash

Lead Style: Strait News lead

Who: Associate professors

When: Thursday night

Where: Kennedy International Airport

What: TWA jet crash

Why: didn’t say

How: Crashed during take off

TWA jet crashes during takeoff at Kennedy International Airport, 45 passengers and crew members were on board, five people were killed, while two associate professors from Backwater State University escaped injury.

Meeman Speaks

Lead Style:

Who: Norman Meeman

When: Sunday 4:30 pm

Where: William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library

What: Pulitzer winner

Why: For audience

How: From writing his book

Author of “My life as far as it goes” and winner of Pulitzer Price Norman Meeman spoke Sunday at 4:30 pm to 67 students at William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library encouraging students to sample life.

Professor Wins Award

Lead Style:

Who: Clement Crabtree

When: Last week

Where: Valley Forge

What: George Washington Honor Medal winners

Why: For his essay

How: Doesn’t say

Among the winners announced last Tuesday at Valley Forge PA, for the Washington Honor Medal winners was Clement Crabtree, he wrote his essay “Plan for peace’ encouraging distribution of free packets.


Curriculum Changes

Lead Style: Summary Style

Who: University

When: doesn’t say

Where: University

What: Requirements to graduate

Why: 15% students took foreign language and 20% took math

How: there were no math and language requirements

University’s president David French announced changes for math and language requirements, due to only 15 percent of student took foreign language and 20% took math, he believes this will help produce well educated students.

A recent studied for the University showed not many students were taking math or foreign language by choice. President David French believes by changing the requirements for language and math it will help turn out more educated students. These new requirements will be put into affect for students entering next fall. In order to graduate these students will be required to take 1 math, computer science, and foreign language.


Lead Style:

Who: Cathy Benson, 22 year-old senior

When: last night

Where: 211 Green Grove Drive

What: Arrested

Why: driving under influence

How: Drinking and driving

Local attorney Jim Bensen’s daughter Cathy Benson, a straight-A student was arrested Friday night, with her 3 arrest for driving under influence within the past 6 months.

Cathy Benson also known as attorney Jim Bensen’s daughter, homecoming queen, cheerleader, and strait A students has now had 3 arrest for driving under influence. Her father is our locally prominent attorney, mother Sharon Bensen is currently living in Canada. Cathy Benson has represented the American dream throughout her activities within and throughout school. Cathy Benson is going to Vanderbilt for graduate studies in biology.

Record Weather

Lead Style: Strait News Style

Who: No one

When: Friday at 3:30 pm

Where: Port Columbus

What: Warm weather

Why: record breaking

How: doesn’t say

Port Columbus weather has reported Friday at 3:30 pm having a temperature of eighty two degrees, this is a record high for over a century.

This season in Port Columbus the weather has been less than typical to say the least. Port Columbus weather reported the temperature reaching eighty two degrees at 3:30 pm. This is the highest Port Columbus has reached since the year 1888.

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