Top 5 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Important For Small And Big Enterprises

In an age of digital marketing, more traditional approaches of SMS and email marketing have taken a backseat. Whether it be a small or a big enterprise, everyone wants to boost their business. In order to grow their business, enterprises these days are completely focused on social media and digital marketing. But as they say ‘Old is Gold’, Bulk SMS is still a vital approach; small and big enterprises must consider.

Here are some of the reasons why Bulk SMS is still the best bet:

Immediate and Focused : While it is true that digital marketing has a wide outreach, still the results yielded by it are not immediate. On the other hand, Bulk SMS helps to cater to a massive audience in an instant by sending bulk SMSes to your contacts. Moreover, SMS marketing can be designed to specifically cater to customers. Not only does it provide better results, but it also yields it faster.

Mobile-Friendly : In today’s world around 95% of the population is in possession of a smartphone. And with the upcoming technology trends, it has become almost customary to make your business as mobile-friendly as possible. However, unlike the limitations of digital marketing such as platform oriented and more, SMS marketing is not bound by technological advancements. Hence, you can reach almost each and every mobile without putting in any additional efforts.

Eco-Friendly : Due to globalization, sustainable development has become a key aspect which is expected of every business. SMS marketing is the only technique having the lowest impact on our carbon imprint. It is the best eco-friendly method to communicate on a global scale without inducing high-frequency radio waves damaging to the environment.

Direct and Simple : In contrast to different creative strategies of digital and product marketing, SMS marketing is a more direct approach. Any enterprise can directly communicate with their customer by the means of an SMS almost instantly. In addition to being direct, SMS marketing is genuinely simple and is easier comprehend. Also, there is room for a lot of creativity in SMS marketing as well. Also, SMSes have limited word count and that’s one reason why they are concise and to the point.

Cost Effective and Insightful : SMS marketing is one the most economically befitting marketing strategies for all businesses of all shape and sizes. The investment involved is low while the return margin on SMS marketing is quite huge. The charge per SMS comes around INR 0.10. With targeted audience and creative marketing tactics, Bulk SMS offers some best results with little capital. Moreover, SMS marketing is easily trackable and highly insightful. Any enterprise can conduct a thorough analysis and alter their strategies to suit the audience.

If you are a small or a big enterprise looking to communicate directly with your audience in the most cost-effective way, Bulk SMS Service is one of the best options you must stick to. Not only will it boost your sales but it will also help you understand and cater to your customers efficiently and effectively.

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