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Anyblock Analytics, the company behind the blockchain analytics platform — which contains all publicly available data from Ethereum-based networks — is excited to announce that they closed a 500,000 Euro seed funding round by three business angels, Accelerator Frankfurt and ISB development bank. It will enable them to offer services that support use cases such as the comparison of metrics for cryptocurrency analysts, token bridge monitoring that connect different blockchains, and oracles that trigger a smart contract for clients in the growing Ethereum ecosystem and other blockchain networks.

By working with Anyblock Analytics, IT teams can save time when developing enterprise-grade smart contract solutions, as they do not have to run their own server nodes. Marketing managers and other less technical stakeholder benefit, as the data can easily be put into charts and dashboards to generate valuable insights with easy to understand visualizations. …

Chainlink integrates real time Ethereum data oracle
Chainlink integrates real time Ethereum data oracle

We are proud to integrate data with leading oracle provider Chainlink!

The ElasticSearch API will serve as an oracle for Ethereum smart contracts requiring real-time blockchain data from any of our 17 indexed networks. This makes accessing on-chain information a lot easier and more flexible for smart contract developers.

As an example, the Chainlink oracle leverages the real-time capabilities of our enterprise software stack and enables a simple yet important use case: Real-time validation of transaction hashes.

Product Development

First and foremost we are very happy how much our SQL launch resonated with the community! (

In the last week we expanded our offerings quite a bit. We are happy to report that now all public Ethereum chains comprising all historic data are decoded and enriched and therefore are available to be queried using Elasticsearch DSL and SQL. (

As always everything is updated in real-time and in a reorg-safe manner. Also everything is still free to use and you can start using our services right away:

Previously these numbers were about 40–50%, but we broke the >500.000 contract ABIs down into >130.000 unique methods. If we cannot translate function call data into clear text names using our smart contract ABIs, we now decode the logs by utilizing the function hashes.

Fun fact: We found >2.400 different transfer functions!

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Ethereum blockchain analytics — big data by

Some limitations still exist: We cannot put a label on instances where contract fallback functions are used, as well as constructor calls. Also when decoding tx calls, we only have 4 bytes to match which may result in multiple results. For now we use the first match, but anyway assign a lower probability to the respective values in our database in order to indicate some uncertainty. Future refinements are on our roadmap, reach out if you want to contribute!

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Ethereum Analytics Dashboard Raiden Network by |

Specifically we show time-series charts of the number of open channels and unique accounts and may expand this in the future with additional data. The dashboard is of course updated in real-time.

It complements the existing network explorer by the Raiden team.
The explorer also provides channel statistics in terms of WETH deposits, participants etc. and links to the documentation and tutorials.

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Raiden Network Explorer — statistics dashboard by Raiden team |

Our Raiden Network dashboard serves as an example on how our Ethereum Data as a Service can be used to show the progress of a project without the cost & time invest of running an archive node yourself. …

First of all, here are the benefits why you should get your free API key to use our database index:

  • Access Ethereum blockchain data really fast and in real-time with the latest blocks.
  • Maximum flexibility in regards to your search queries.
  • No need for your own archive node to set up and maintain.

Start using Ethereum data without losing precious developer time or any hidden expenses.

Step 1: Visit our website

On our website you can find general information about us, what we do and also our news articles. The FAQ section and especially the documentation might be helpful when you start querying our Ethereum data. …

In this article you can learn about

  • How to play around with the visualization of our SQL demo use case of Ethereum blockchain data
  • A step-by-step walkthrough to try the SQL Ethereum search engine yourself
  • The blockchain SQL data model we use to store the enriched Ethereum…

What is the content of a blockchain?

A blockchain is an immutable, append only distributed database. To work with a blockchain, it is not just about understanding these unique features, but one also needs to understand what data is saved on the blockchain. How does blockchain data actually look like, i.e. what is the content and how is it formatted?

As the word actually describes, a blockchain is a chain of blocks, and it works similarly for the existing major chains like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Proof-of-Work networks. To simplify, in this article the focus is on the Ethereum blockchain only. Technical details that are not actual data but mainly support the functioning of the network (e.g. uncles etc.) … at the EWF Affiliate Forum

After a great week in Prague at Devcon4 we had very little time for decompression before presenting at the Energy Web Foundation (EWF) Affiliate Forum on Nov 5th in Vienna.
The participants are from a group of large energy corporations around the world as well as innovative service providers in the energy sector. As an EWF ecosystem affiliate we are committed to advance blockchain technology in this space. Therefore we have already indexed their Ethereum-based private PoA-blockchain Tobalaba.

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Energy Web Foundation (EWF) Affiliate Forum on Nov 5th in Vienna

Our solution in “Pecha Kucha” style

We presented and use cases for the energy sector in the “Pecha Kucha” format: a maximum of 20 slides for 20 seconds each — get our slide deck here.
It is not easy to limit oneself to under 7 minutes… — but thankfully afterwards there was time for networking and follow-up questions. …

Hello world,

we are very happy to present — the Ethereum search engine with an extensive API!
As first introduced at DAPPCON Berlin in July 2018 (check out the video), you can utilize the Elasticsearch query language to easily build reliable and scalable applications using blockchain data that is specifically relevant for your use case.

What problems does solve?

Development for the blockchain takes time and special skills and is therefore costly.
If you just want to read from the blockchain, is your best choice.
You can reach your goals much faster, cheaper and with maximum flexibility.
You do not need to run a full archive node or your own database if you just want to use blockchain data.
Therefore …


Anyblock Analytics GmbH

Anyblock Analytics is a German blockchain solution provider. We offer methods, tools and data to integrate business processes with blockchain.

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