We are just two crazy travelers who think that one of the best ways to enjoy life is to travel. Someone said “collect experiences, not things” and that’s why we want to travel around the globe and to reach as many countries and cultures as possible. That is our plan and we love it!!!!!!!

But lets start with our crazy story.. We are a couple who met in lovely Italy five years ago; since we have met for the first time we were always together. Eh, well, not literally, as after spending half a year living in Italy we needed to go back to the place we came from and that’s when we’ve started a nice long-distance relationship. Yeah! It’s possible ;) We used our chances to meet in different countries around Europe whenever we were able to and that’s how we developed our addiction for travelling!

After some time we eventually moved to live together, but we felt we are missing something! Since we already explored biggest part of Europe, it was time for something special. We started to organise our trip to Thailand.. paradise was waiting for us!

Few days ago we came back from Cuba! It has been an amazing experience of culture, music and history. Oh Cuba, what an experience!

Finally we came up with the idea that because we have seen so many things and collected experiences which we never thought we would collect, it would be a shame not to share it with others. For that reason — stay tuned. There are some awesome stories to tell and hopefully that will help you in your trips or at least inspire you to go outside and explore the world!