Back home.

You know going back to the gym after an extended time off training feels like coming back home. Or more like, visiting your family after many months…

Well, if not for you, at least for me.

Last week was my first training in about 4 months. Before going back to the gym I was not only overly excited and absolutely missing it, I was also completely scared. While I was walking apprehensively down the street, I thought “what if … I suck? I don’t remember techniques? I get tired easily? they don’t remember me? they judge me for not coming for so long?”. 
And as I walked by the door with a smile and my big belly, stomach in knocks, it felt like entering the arrival room at the airport, when you see your family that have been waiting you. I hear a friend screaming my name, followed by “you’re back!”. She gave me a sweaty hug, smile all over her face. 
In the changing room, my blue towel with a note “do not touch. thanks ;)” is hanging. It was exactly like home, when you enter your room and discover with great joy that nothing has changed. Your clothes still hanging where you left them, and your family always happy to see you. 
Back on the mats, we started traning when I heard the coach “come on, we’re making your baby strong with abs!”.
I smiled. 
I’m finally back home.

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