05 septembre 2017 — Irma

There is something scarier than being home while Irma is coming.
Irma is a major hurricane, category 5. 
Right now as I am writting, this huge storm is moving at 22km/h (12 knots), its minimum central pressure is 930mb and maximum sustained wind 300km/h. 
This is the strongest cape verde-type hurricane that ever took place. 
At least since I am alive. 
August 28, 1995– 23 years ago came Luis. This devastating hurricane destroyed our island.

Hurricane Luis - 1995

I remember my dad few days before, closing every window with big wood piece and nailing it to the wall.
I remember our door : pieces of wood nailed together from the the inside. 
We were stuck inside. With no light. 
Our house was still under construction and my dad was panic that it wouldn’t resist. So, when the storm arrived my family and I went in the bathroom with all pillows we had. We made a small ‘pillow barricade’, holding each other we’d listen to the sound of the wind crashing on our house and breaking trees.

I was scared to death. It was my first hurricane, and though I should not really remember anything considering my age, until today I can hear wind and rain, feel the atmosphere around and visualize that pitifull door.

But that memory ain’t nothing compare to the stress I feel knowing Irma is coming while nobody is home. Is my house well close? Is my cat safe? Is the pool empty? Is the electricity turn off? Are the trees tied to one another? Where is the motorbike? Is the table inside? Did someone come to do all this?

And while my dad is texting me from far away to relax, I can’t help it but cry at the idea that my cat will most probably die and my home could be destroy. 
I can’t help it but feel my stomach upside down and turn in knots when my friends are there, feeling the pressure and the stress : what will we find left when we come out? 
And though I am not a believer, trust me when I say I am praying whichever god wants to hear me : if there is house broken and roof pulled off, may the people survive, may nobody die. my dear grandma cat, all my prayers go for you. may you be protected by stronger forces than nature itself.

Be safe.

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