What we’ve learned

A month using Aop

A little over a month ago we launched Aop on iOS and Android. It’s been so much fun seeing everyone use it as we watch the community grow. We’d like to share what we’ve learned from you all in this short time. Thanks for voting!

What’s working

  1. Anonymity: People are loving the freedom to say what they believe with honesty. Many of you have mentioned how rewarding it’s been to answer questions you have told no one in your life — tricky questions, the type you may not feel comfortable discussing in the public domain.
  2. Detailed Results: We’ve probably heard this response the most; people enjoy the demographic breakdown that offers surprising insights. We’ve had some people who are shocked by how much of a contrarian they’ve discovered they are. Others find the particulars of a certain results to be heartening — “it feels good to know I’m not alone.”
  3. The UI/UX: for the most part, you all like the general look and feel.

What you’ve asked for

  1. No login requirement: Done on iOS — Android soon. :)
  2. Remove timer: The timer proved to be anywhere from slightly to highly confusing. Already removed on iOS.
  3. Gamification elements: Thank you for so many great ideas here. We’re working on a system that makes your progress through the app feel rewarding without feeling cheap.
  4. Accuracy Rating for Results: Many of you wanted a way to better understand how meaningful the results are. We have a solution for this that will allow users to get a simple understanding of how far along each vote is in its life cycle.
  5. User Questions: An in-app way for users to submit questions. We love this idea — a system that allows for the community to get creative while also maintaining high quality & no bias — coming soon. In the meantime — please email us any of your question ideas: info@aopapp.com
  6. Friend Interactions: Although the app is anonymous — we’ve discovered that many of you are using it like a party game, with friends. We plan on building a way for you to better interact and compare with those you are close with — without losing the “core” vision of the app; “understanding what the world believes.”
  7. Countless More: We’ve done detailed user feedback interviews with over 100 of you! The number of ideas and insights you’ve provided has been extraordinary. There are too many great ideas to list here and we are working on implementing many of them in a way that makes the experience great for all of our users. Keep them coming!

If you’d like to try Aop click the links below:

Have any ideas? Comments? Feedback? 
Please send us a note: info@aopapp.com

— The Aop Team

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