The Band in Red Line: The Red Line Lounge

Before you rush in the Red Line train, which always makes you feel like squeeze in a tuna can during rush hours, you can enjoy jazz for a second.

Red Line Lounge, a undergroud jazz brand, founded in 2010, always shows in Red Line, makes you feel a moment of relax.

This is one of Chicago’s most versatile cover bands. They specialize in performing Prince and Morris Day & The Time but are capable of adding their own unique flavor to just about any type of music.

The Redline Lounge started gaining recognition as a versatile group of musicians while performing on the CTA redline subway platform. The band name was derived from the lounge like atmosphere that prevailed when the band was performing.

It seems like the Red Line Lounge indeed bring people some enjoyment and happiness.

“Jazz is soothing. Great for mind and soul.” said Autumn Lee, who almost take the Red Line everyday.

“Sometimes I move with the rythm. It makes my day.” Gretchen Adams.

The Red Line Louuge Facebook:

Jerrold — Bass Guitar, Big Will — Percussion, Professor — Lead Guitar, Jaymo — Drums

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