Residential Communities Security gate is going Digital with Gatekeeper App

The main reason why most of the urban population prefer to stay in an apartment complex is because of the security it offers. However, though we live under the impression that our gated communities are invincible, the reality is far from that. There are several problems which exist related to the security gate of an apartment complex.

  1. Visitor Logs: Its very difficult to find a historical record from the visitor log that is maintained at the gate. Also, it is very difficult to read anything written in the log as people usually write this carelessly, often with illegible hand writings. There has been many incidents reported across the country where crimes were committed inside an apartment complex and there was no trace of the any outsider coming in.
  2. Delivery Boys: For delivery boys who come to deliver food or other goods bought from eCommerce sites, the security gate is a huge waste of time, as the security staff calls the intercom or phone of the resident, and only post their consent the delivery boys are allowed inside the complex.
  3. Frequent Visitors: They are the newspaper delivery men, men for delivering cylinders and also delivery boys from restaurants, grocery shops and eCommerce Sites. In the present system there is no way to provide a fast track entry to the frequent visitors so that they do not waste time standing in queues at the apartment gate making entries.
  4. Expected Visitors: Any visitor to an apartment complex usually has to wait at the gate till the security calls the resident to validate the visitor and his reason of visit. This often causes long queues at the gate specially at times of festivals. This wait is often very frustrating for visitors, more so if they are of old age.

ADDA Gatekeeper App takes all these problems head on and solves all of them in a very elegant manner. The Gatekeeper App is very easy to use and designed so that your security personnel has no problems in adopting to it.

Already deployed in more than 50 apartment complexes across India, this app is transforming the way security staff work in an apartment or villa complex. This is the only such App in India which has been implemented successfully and is working flawlessly in hands of security personnel. Gatekeeper App is also integrated with our ADDA residents App from where apartment complex residents can enter details of their expected visitors. This information which seamlessly syncs with the Gatekeeper App is used by the Security Staff to easily check in expected visitors, avoiding long queues at the gate.

Some of the highlights of the App are:

Mark Visitors as Frequent — You don’t have to fill up frequent visitor’s information again and again. The app does it automatically. You can edit information if required and do simple check in. Security personnel can directly call the resident from the App in case any clarifications are required

Photo Capture — Capture Visitor Photos along with Visitor details.

App Supports Large ADDAs — App can perform smoothly even when you have a large number of staff, visitors or residents.

Real Time Sync — App automatically updates check in/checkout details to ApartmentADDA server on the background.

One of the many success stories is from Prestige Kensington Gardens with more than 400 flats.

“We rolled out ADDA Gatekeeper at Prestige Kensington Gardens around 4 months back. The App is easy to use and operated by our security staff. They could learn to use it without any training. Residents are now getting notified about any visitors to their apartments. The record of visitors with entry and exit times along with vehicle details is also available for everyone to see. We also record staff entry exit using ADDAGateKeeper. Now our Property Manager has complete visibility about number of visitors and staff inside the complex in real time.

We have now replaced manual entry at main gate with ADDAGatekeeper App. I recommend other apartment complexes to try out this App” — Mainak Bandyopadhyay, Moderator, Prestige Kensington Gardens, Bangalore

Read more about our product features and 5 simple steps that can transform the security of your resident complex. Gatekeeper is available on playstore and is compatible with all smartphones and tablets running on latest android OS.

Originally published at on January 14, 2016.