Harrogate, the Beautiful Town That Has All

Harrogate, the beautiful town is located in North Yorkshire. The town earlier had two different settlements- Low Harrogate and High Harrogate. This amazing town came into existence during the 17th century and attracted many people from the royal, rich and noble family. It is famous for its springs as the water contains sulphur, salt and iron. Earlier Harrogate was a small village and people never knew about the properties of the healing spring water. William Sinling was the person to discover about the healing water spring at Harrogate in 1971.vEdmund Deane wrote a book about Harrogate spring water and later after this book the city was commonly known as “Spa Town”. The city was put on the tourist map only after this book, so all thanks to Edmund Deane. This city is a beautiful place where one must plan their visit and stay at elegant and comfortable apartments in Harrogate.

Places to visit in Harrogate

Apart from the spa waters, Harrogate is also a beautiful town which is rich in its history and heritage. There are beautiful old castles, gardens, museums and galleries.

• Harlow Carr Gardens and Bettys Tearooms attract thousands of visitors every year. While visiting the city one can enjoy an evening tea at Bettys Tearoom with their family and friends. Stroll through the beautiful Harlow Carr Gardens early morning to refresh yourself. 
• Skipton Castle is 900 years old stands beautiful even told. This castle is a complete medieval castle in England. You can also find a 350 year old Yew tree in the courtyard which was planted by Lady Anne Clifford. This beautiful castle was owned by Clifford Lords. 
• Harrogate boasts about the beautiful Ripon Cathedral. This beautiful church dates back to the 7th century and is well known for its carvings and choir stalls. This holy church is open for visitors and pilgrims. 
• Fountains Abbey is one of the city’s largest and well preserved historical monasteries in England. This beautiful landscape is also a home for Medieval Deer Park,Jacobean Manor House, Cistercian mill and Victorian church. It takes one complete day to cover this stunning monastery.
• Knaresborough Castle stands alive even today which overlooks the River Nidd. You can get a glimpse of the secret underground exits, king’s chamber and dungeons. Learn more about the Knaresborough history by visiting the museum. 
• Spofforth Castle is also a famous tourist attraction in North Yorkshire; this fortified manor house was ruined during the English Civil War. This beautiful castle was built by Henry de Percy during the early 14th century. The original building was much more extensive than compared to the ruins remaining till date.

Harrogate is also well known for the largest conference and exhibition venues in Europe. The beautiful town houses many luxurious hotels, service apartments, restaurants and shopping hubs. Along with it, the city also offers mild and dry climate hence making it one of the famous tourist attractions for people to travel here and rejuvenate themselves from stressful work schedules. There are several comfortable places to stay Harrogate, so there is no need to worry about the accommodation.

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