6 Things I didn’t know about being a Project Manager

I recently read a great article by Elizabeth Harrin on “The girls guide to Project Management” blog and so quickly created this Infographic to summarize the main points.

  1. It would always be different “What I hadn’t appreciated is that each project would be so different. Even within the same company the project team, deliverables, departments I was delivering for and the skills required would be very different.”
  2. The Technology would change “Since I started managing projects, social media and online tools have become a much larger part of a project manager’s repertoire.”
  3. There is no need to specialize (but I could if I wanted to) “If you want to specialize in a particular type of project management or an industry, you can.”
  4. There is a complete vocabulary to learn “Vocab is something that creeps up on you. You learn it through professional study, training courses, talking to colleagues, surfing the internet, reading project management blogs like this one. Because you don’t know that you are learning it, you suddenly wake up one day and realize that you speak project management.”
  5. It is a life skill “When you have project management skills, I think you become more organized, more structured in the way you approach tasks and more able to take on responsibility for co-ordinating groups.”
  6. No one would understand my job “From the outside, project managers look like the people who tell everyone else what to do… It is far more about relationship building to get things done… My job is to make it easy for other people to do their jobs.”

You can see the source article here: https://www.girlsguidetopm.com/6-things-i-didnt-know-about-being-a-project-manager/

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