Clemson’s Social Media Strategy

After watching a video off of “NACMA” about two Clemson students who are doing some innovative things online for Clemson’s Football team, I was very intrigued by some of the things these two students had to say. Specifically, the students talked about digital graphics. Over the past couple of years, Clemson’s Football program has digitally transformed itself through better more advanced technology and innovative thinking. They have done this by, hiring more people for specific roles. Having individuals or small groups of people specialize on one subject they would like to improve such as ticket sales has made a huge improvement for Clemson’s program.

Later on in the video, the two students talk about their main target audience. There audiences are current student athletes, fans, potential fans, and recruiting new student-athletes to come to their school. Digitally, Clemson has done a great job creating a virtual video that explain what it is like being apart of the Clemson family. Lastly, these students ask great questions in meetings with superiors. They ask questions like, what can we do to make sure visiting people want to continue to keep coming back to Clemson. Personally, I think these guys are doing a great job. It is clear that people like these guys at Clemson need to be apart of other schools to help draw more interest to Universities.

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