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As told by, Ryan Holmes, author of: “” the social media skills gap has taken the world by storm as more advacned technology and apps are being created daily. Through this social media skills gap, it has been noted that possibly billions of dollars have been lost through missed opportunities that could’ve been easily avoided had the company or person possessed better knowledge towards social media’s newest platforms.

The platform towards reaching potential customers has drastically changed within the passed couple of years. Nowadays, a potential customer might be contacted and drawn towards a company through the use of snapchat. Whereas, just a few years ago a site like Facebook was the newest and latest way to contact potential customers. As technology is becoming more advanced we, as salesmen must changed and adapt to it in order to be successful. Some ways in which company’s have attempted to bridge the social media skills gap that has inflected harm towards company’s success is seen through social media training. More and more companies have dedicated a lot of time and resources to train new employees to be armed with a great deal of knowledge on new platforms. They hope that this will help maximize the sales of their product. Hopefully, with techniques like this company’s will no longer miss out on possible billion dollar opportunities. Towards the end of the article, Ryan Holmes describes what companies much do to ensure that they did not lose money. He writes, “To avoid throwing good money after bad, companies need to ensure that their employees actually know how to use new and emerging social technologies. Those that succeed in closing the social media skills gap will discover new ways to reach and retain customers, engage and recruit employees, and boost productivity” (Holmes, Ryan).

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