The Life of an NBA Agent

After reading, and article about NBA Sports Agents I have a new found respect and understanding of how difficult and stressful a sports agent’s life can be as well as the perception that the world has on sports agents. In HoopsHype’s article the author explains a stressful time an anonymous NBA agent had with a client where he had to pay about $20,000 just keep him happy after his client had shown up late to a private jet and made the pilot wait countless hours. This is just a small example of the stressful life a sports agent can have.

Later on in the article, one of the worst kept secrets of an NBA sports agent is explained. Wrongfully, a lot of times agents pay clients or someone close to a client money so they sign with them. It is no secret, the sports world is sadly very immoral; whether it be a booster for a college team or a sports agent, money is usually the deciding factor on where a player will go to school or whom they will sign with. If I ever become a sports agent, I would stride to strength the perception of sports agents to one that is trustworthy, committed, and for the benefit of the client at all times. For too long, agents have been looked at as liars and immortal people, hopefully myself and others can change this perception in the near future as it is not true for most sports agents