We are proud to announce the one and only Genesis NFT Contest!

ApeFarmer NFTS will have a unique utility that will yield holders a percentage of fees earned on the ApeFarmer protocol simply by holding the NFT in a BEP-20 wallet. This means the NFT gives partial ownership of fees earned through our advanced yield aggregator. Holders can obtain the utility NFTS by participating in our Royal Apes Auction house. There will only be 20 unique Genesis NFTS minted, making them extremely rare!

How will this contest work?

We will run a creative contest from 11/17–11/30 and participant's will submit their NFT artwork directly to us.

On 11/31 our team will pick the most creative artwork and it will be minted as the FIRST Genesis ApeFarmer NFT to be auctioned. The winner will also have the opportunity to create the remaining 19 Genesis NFTS (with pay).

What type of artwork are we looking for?

All artwork must be 100% original and custom made. Any copy/paste work will be disqualified and publicly shamed …Joking :D

Think of how to combine apes, crypto, yield farming into a NFT utility masterpiece!

Where to submit artwork?

Submit artwork via email to: admin@apefarmer.com.

Title the email with “APEFARMER NFT CONTEST SUBMISSION — (DATE HERE)” with your telegram/twitter name in the body.


1st Place: $3,000 BUSD + opportunity to create the remaining 19 (with pay)

2nd Place: $500 BUSD

3rd Place: $200 BUSD

All Participants will be entered into a raffle to win $1,000 in $APEF

-Team ApeFarmer, https://apefarmer.com

Built by apes, for apes. Apefarmer is an advanced yield aggregator & optimizer constructed on #Binancesmartchain #BSC tg: https://t.me/apefarmeryields