🆙An Phu - Ecosystem Furniture on blockchain 🆙


Launched Token 10 Billion ApetCoin - APET♥️➡️🆙🔊🚀🔊

♥️ApetCoin (APET) will be used instead of $ for all payments in the An Phu - Ecosystem Furniture .
🔥With blockchain technology, everything will be easy, fast and low cost

➡️Phase I - Q1 & 2, 2021🆙
🔥Unlock 5 Billion ApetCoin for Airdrop, bounty, Pre-Sale , Add Liquidity
Airdrop and Pre-Sale on KaiDex ( 1 Billion )
🕛Start Date: 10/05/2021 – End Date: 30/06/2021

🔥Community development, An Phu construction - Ecosystem Furniture is strong with many payment partners with APET

➡️Phase II …

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