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Jul 2, 2018 · 1 min read

“ and since our companies are shareholder-owned rather than worker-owned, that means that they do so, quite cheaply, but in the process stop satisfying (2) and (3).”

But, also, as workers (unions, Feminists, Marxists) demand more from employers it pushes employers to automate more quickly — Robots don’t need their #metoo moment

“ So enter UBI as a proposal: basically, pay out a dividend to everyone from the overall wealth society is gaining. This has been done in some limited cases (eg, in Alaska or Saudi Arabia from oil wealth, or various local experiments) and has worked out not badly”

Maybe you haven't noticed that western countries are in debt, there is no central wealth. These countries have been brought to near bankruptcy by socialist policies of welfare state and immigration, and you are suggesting more welfare.. what was it that Einstein said..?

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