How to Develop Trust through Your Direct Mail Campaign

Without trust, customers won’t buy into your business, your products or your services. Very often people look for a person they can trust, someone who represents the business and can make genuine connections and customer relationships. However this makes developing a trustful relationship through direct mail extremely challenging — how can people trust what you’re saying if they don’t know who it’s come from?

Direct mail marketing is an effective way of increasing sales, customer interest and improving brand awareness however, and done correctly you can build and maintain valuable relationships. Here are some useful tips on creating a strong and trusting first impression from your direct mail and how you can ensure successful customer engagements:

Segment your audience

Thoroughly reviewing your mailing list and your target audience should always be the priority when designing your mail marketing strategy. You’ll need to understand who you want to reach, what they need and how your offerings can benefit them. From this, segmenting your data will mean that you can target people specifically based on these factors and form a more compelling offer for each.

Consider segmenting your list based on their customer journey — are they potential customers who haven’t made contact? Have they previously engaged with your business and haven’t made the move to a purchase? Or have they previously purchased from you but haven’t interacted since? Depending on where these segments are you can gear your direct mail offer to their specific interests, giving them a more valuable proposition.

Segmenting your mailing list based on your target audience persona, will also help you develop a campaign that will better win people’s trust. Split your data based on demographics such as age, gender or location and use all the information you can to picture your audience. Perhaps you’ll be targeting a young and fashionable person who wants to keep up with the latest trends, or a busy parent needing convenient services; customising who you’re targeting with a personalised campaign is a brilliant way to effectively get across how you can help them.

Creating a personalised marketing campaign

Appealing to the individual and giving your audience a sense of a personalised offering, can help immediately form a connection and trust in your company. By personalising your direct mail campaign you’ll be able to reach people on a one-to-one level and give them more beneficial offers.

Once you’ve segmented your data, think about how your campaign can appeal to each segment. For instance, new customers you receive a first-time purchase discount, whereas customers who have already made a purchase, could be offered a loyalty reward. You may also choose to personalise when you send out your campaigns or design features such as colour depending on your audience personas.

A personalised campaign will help make those receiving your direct mail feel more valued and exclusive, for an improved relationship and trust. If you’d like to find out more about processing your direct mail marketing data, or for any help with your mailing project, you can call Apex Direct Mail on 01252 333500, or email for more information. Apex Direct Mail specialise in a range of direct mail data management and fulfilment services and would be happy to help with any of your requirements.

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