Once upon a March

This story takes place at Andela Nairobi Campus, and yes you guessed it right it took place during the month of March. So they said that nothing comes easy and practice make perfect, please don’t ask me who said that. Everything I Know, I learned the hard way- whether it was class two subtraction using the borrowing function, yes my geek days started early or bones in form four biology, recursion in home study or even using GitHub at Andela.

The name GitHub may sound like a ‘terrorist’- that was what I thought it was after opening an account. Today we were expected to use this ‘terrorist’ to save our work and projects and like the class two in me, I was pretty much excited and anxious. The facilitator explained it in details but I still could not get it. I kept on confusing the git commands. I thank God for Brian who went out of his way to explain what the various commands did. When I managed to post my first python program to the repository, I was the happiest.

I guess today was challenging, but guess what I am still looking forward to the day I increase my knowledge on recursion, a topic that I found challenging during the Home study. With that knowledge I hope to program a code that brings the solution to Sudoku puzzles, so that I can eat free pizza every Thursdays. For me, everyday will be a learning experience in Andela, whether challenging or not.

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