A+C Studios showcased in two new books

Archie our studio dog approves of both!

We’ve just been featured in two publications. Yes those big heavy things that everyone used to read before Kindles and iPads; the third edition of Social Media Marketing All-in-One for Dummies, the latest title in the best-selling reference series and Storyboarding; A Critical History, a study of storyboards from the beginnings of cinema to the present day.

It’s difficult to find someone who isn’t familiar with the For Dummies series and their yellow-and-black covers. With more than 1,800 Titles, For Dummies is the most widely recognized and highly regarded reference series in the world, helping millions of people make everything, from fishing to accountancy an easier endeavour.

For the third edition of Social Media Marketing for Dummies All-in-One A+C Studios were featured for our use of Vine to promote animated content!

The popularity of the Vine app for smartphones and tablets has risen spectacularly since its official launch in January 2013 and gave way to a dogma style of filmmaking. Many creative ‘Viners’ produce some amazing visually spectacular, musical, abstract and probably above all, funny, Vine videos.

It’s the perfect platform for craft, and we immediately became early adopters, experimenting and exploring our capabilities with the app.

In the summer of 2014, Vine launched an update which allowed users to actually upload their own videos which could be trimmed and edited to fit Vine’s six second format. From our comedy stop motion series What is A+C? devised just for Vine, to Brick Bowl; a project where we recreated the Super Bowl 2015 commercial in 36 hours entirely with LEGO, our channel has been jam packed with bite sized original content!

The second publication we’ve had the honour of being featured in is Storyboarding: A Critical History, the first book-length critical history of storyboarding, by Steven Price and Chris Pallant.

With the emergence of today’s new digital technologies, storyboarding has never been more prominent, and the book surveys the historical development of the story and its new role in the era of visual effects, gaming and online movie making.

Chris Pallant is Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK and a close friend of the studio. Chris dropped into the studio during our production of Brick Bowl to witness first hand our crazy 36 hour film challenge and to study our use of storyboards during this demanding production.

We’re enormously grateful to be included in a study alongside internationally-renowned studios such as Aardman, Laika and Disney and to contribute to the future teachings of animation.

The book is an insightful and thought-provoking analysis on the invisible but integral processes of pre-production and we completely recommend reading it if production is your passion.

It was really interesting contributing to both publications and they are a really great read if you’re interested in our line of work. You can pick up a copy of both Storyboarding: A Critical History and Social Media Marketing for Dummies All-in-One both on Amazon.