Milán to Margate

We’re always keen to work with talent from far and wide at A+C, and over the years we’ve flown in creatives from all corners of the globe to work on numerous projects.

So, it is with universal delight to announce that we’ve been in talks with Hungarian director Milán Kopasz and have now signed him for commercial representation here in the UK. Fantasztikus!

We’ve had our busiest year ever with the growing demand of stop motion in advertising and as such the need for another director has become greater than ever. Milán’s ethos, attention to detail and his use of hand crafted materials and techniques complements our values here at the studio and we’re stupidly excited to have him on board.

Milán, who hails originally from Szolnok in central Hungary, a country with an excellent stop motion heritage, is now part of a thriving creative community in Budapest. He produces both stop motion and drawn animation at his studio there and will now work on A+C projects between Budapest and Margate. Milán has been actively producing animated content since 2010 and honed his craft at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design where he gained both his BA and MA degrees.

Milán said “It’s great to be working with A+C Studios. I’m excited to be represented in the UK and love the work A+C are doing, so I think we’ll have a great future working together”.

His short films and applied animated films have been selected for many national and international animation festivals. In 2014 he made the ID film for the Hungarian animation celebration at the 2014 Hiroshima Animation Festival. His film Beyond was recently selected for the official competition at Festival Stop Motion Montreal.

A+C Creative Director David Clark said “We’re delighted to be representing Milán in the UK. It’s great to see new directors coming up in the ranks, and he really impressed us with his varied and expressive work. It’s an exciting time for us, and stop motion in general, and I’m looking forward to working on some exciting commercials with him in the next few months”.

Originally published at A + C Studios.