Sandalwood or chandan is an essential aspect of the culture and heritage of India and finds mention in the ancient religious transcripts of the country. But apart from being renowned for its therapeutic properties, sandalwood is also widely used in soaps, perfumes, face washes etc. This wood which has a welcoming and refreshing scent also has many healing properties and benefits. Here’s why sandalwood is one of the most important trees in the country.

Why Sandalwood Is Superior

Anti-Inflammatory Properties
 Sandalwood has cooling properties and aids in providing relief to the affected areas of the skin. It has also been effective in inflammatory conditions such as high grade fever, infections, insect bites, wounds etc.

Antiseptic Agent
 This wood has been known to be antiseptic and anti-microbial. When applied on the skin it prevents boils, acne pimples and sores from becoming septic.

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