How to fix error too many redirects issue in Wordpress

There are a lot of benefits that you can achieve when running a self-hosted but beginners are sometimes irritated by errors such as white screen of death, internal server error or some common issues. We would like to show you the way to fix redirected errors in WordPress

Why we get error too many redirects in Wordpress

First of all, we need to understand the reason why we get error too many redirects in WordPress. Wordpress has SEO friendly URL structures which uses the redirect functionality like other several Wordpress plugins such as WordPress SSL, WordPress SEO. You see the errors due to misconfiguration in any of redirection tools which leads to your site end up redirecting users to a ULR.

How to Solve Too Many Redirects Error in WordPress?

One of the common misconfigurations that we face is when a user has incorrect URL in WordPress Address URL or site address URL settings. In case working site was working fine and you haven’t made any changes to the settings then you should contact your web host because it is common configuration issue at the end. However, if you don’t have trustworthy Wordpress hosting provider and they don’t give you any supports, you should look for other switching web hosts or fix it by yourself. To fix it, you have to alter your WordPress address and site address. Go to Setting >> general, change your Wordpress and site address. If your address has www prefix, then switch to non-www ULR. If you already have non-www URL, you should add the www prefix. You also need to assure to not leave a trailing slash at the end of URL.

Change Site URL without Access to Admin Area

If you don’t have the right to access to WordPress admin area, you can update the setting through defining them in wp-config. Php file. You can use FTP client co connect to your web. When you connect to your site, you will see wp-config.php file in your site’s root directory. This file can be downloaded and edited by using a text editor such as Notepad. You just need to add these two lines to the file and remember to replace by your own domain.





You have to save the file then upload it back to your web server. If you still can’t access your site, you should try to add your domain with www prefix.

Fixing Other Redirect Issues

If the above steps cannot help you solve your problem, it seems like that there is a plugin that you use doesn’t fit your site. First of all, you have to find out which plugin caused problem. Have you activated a new plugin before error happening or updated plugins. If the answer is yes, we can narrow the problem and can deactivate that plugin by deleting that plugin’s folder from wp-content/ plugins/.

If the answer is no then you should do some trial and error. Deactivating all plugins is the fastest that you should try. After that, you should use FTP to download .htaccess file as a backup. After downloading the file, you have to delete it from your server.

Your server is allowed to regenerate a new .htaccess file. In case there are no plugins activated, it seems like your issue is already fixed. If the error doesn’t exist then you know exactly plugin causes error.

Finding out which plugins was the trouble is the next step. To finish it, you have to download and set up fresh copies of all your plugins. Active plugins then browse a variety of pages on your site. by this way, you may find out which plugin causes problem.

Those above steps are solutions to fix error too many redirects issue in wordpress. If you have any other solutions, hope that you will contribute to our community.

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