And it all of a sudden became so obvious that this entire habit was a colossal waste of my time.
Why I Stopped Reading the News
Max Nussenbaum

I used to read newspapers as a ritual every morning too, consuming the media’s definition of what constitutes news until one day when i realized that the most important ‘news’ decorating the entire front page was the criticism of the candidate in power by the candidate not in power over a tiny, unimportant ‘mistake’ . Not about issues concerning the citizens, not the betterment of the economy, not the empowerment of minorities or of the country on a global scale. That’s when i realized i’m basically reading a reality show whose participants are the political parties. I am the spectator of a power struggle between people who fight petty wars to win. Neither is concerned about whether the country improves or suffers but they’re damn going to make sure they’re in the throne either scenario.

I still keep up with world news and bits that interest while scrubbing the headlines weekly to see which reality star is offended at the moment but it felt odd to leave the habit. After this article, i feel at peace with my decision (a little bit), Thank you!