Beat The Heat This Summer With These Must Try Hairstyles

The sweltering summer is an opportunity for you to flaunt your tresses in styles that bring out the playful side in you. With the many outdoor activities summer brings, make sure you stand out in one of our must try summer hairstyles and all eyes will be on you at every beach trip, outdoor wedding and potluck this season.


Wavy or straight, long hair can be too much to handle in the summer heat. The best way to do it is by tying it all up or braiding those pesky tresses. Here are a few ways to make it look glam with hardy any effort.

The Braided Ponytail:

This style can be carried off for casual or formal events and will make you look effortlessly chic.

The Wavy High Pony:

This style is even easier for girls with wavy hair (Skip the curling).

Effortless Braid- in- Braid:

Put a little style in the everyday ordeal of braiding your long hair for summer.

The Twisted Pony:

This is a more elaborate pony that screams summer and will win you more brownie points for looking on point.


Curly hair, short or long can be an ordeal in the summer heat. All that volume can be a bit much for the season. Cutting curly hair is a risk so why not just rock these volume friendly hairstyles instead?

The Side Pony:

This style keeps all the hair away from your face and the side pouf in front gives you a polished look.

The Twisted Pony:

This look is the perfect embodiment of an effortlessly elegant summer hairstyle. You’ll leave everyone craving for more.

The Side Braid Updo:

This style works for long or short hair. The braids on the side combined with the voluminous pony is just so deliciously edgy, you’ll want to sport it everyday.


Short is the best length of hair to opt for when the summer rolls in. It is certainly a cheat to beat that summer heat, but you can go one step further by trying one of these summer hairstyles for short hair to really wow this season.

The Twisted Updo:

This hairstyle gives the illusion of you hair being longer from the front while making you look summer radiant with the help of just a few bobby pins.

The ‘60s Pony:

This hairstyle will make you look classically elegant with hardly any effort.

The Braided Half- Updo:

This is a cute style that you can rock with any sundress you own and you’ll be the thing of summer romance.

Ladies, you know style is boundless and there is no norm that tells you to stick to the hairstyles shown here for different hair types. You can mix it up and create your own. Show us what you come up with. If you do try one of these hairstyles, let us know how good they made you look and how well they go with your summer outfits.

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